The Farm huddled beneath Highway 101     PhotoL Jack Wickert

The Farm huddled beneath Highway 101 

PhotoL Jack Wickert

The History

The Farm began as a grassroots arts collective that formed itself in the 1970’s. The location, a concrete jungle beneath the highway on the edge of San Francisco’s Mission and Potrero district, did not deter but inspired the growth of life. Artists, farmers, theater performers, clowns, punk rockers, sculptors, and teachers transformed the urban space into a multicultural art and garden community center that truly defied categorization.

Walking around the property you’d see chickens, goats, galleries of fine art, a school, a theater for children and adults, mime shows, dance performances, fruit trees and rows of vegetables. The farm was truly a place to learn by doing. A decade into existence, when the age old urban plight of artist displacement loomed, the property transformed by night into a punk rock venue that hosted legends like the Dead Kennedy’s, Faith No More, and Circle Jerks. Eventually, because of permitting, rising rents, and legal battles, the farm was forced to shut down.


Thirty years later, though the gardens are mostly gone, and the event spaces and galleries have been transformed into live/work lofts or studios, the farm lives on. Though the current incarnation of the farm does not hold the infamy in the city it once had, the property is still host to fine artists, sculptors, a leather worker, a music recording studio, and a school.

Come and visit the farm today! We can’t promise goats and freshly picked carrots. But we can promise a motley crue of hardworking artists keeping the farm community growing and alive.

The Documentary